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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 09:20

You would have to be a pretty hard case to besmirch the name of Mary Poppins. The love in our hearts for one Dame Julie Andrews is what the very talented Sarah-Louise Young is counting on in her production, Julie Madly Deeply.

Mirvish took the time to tour The Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, and they came home with two shows they think you will love, both will run until next weekend, October 19th, at the Panasonic Theatre on Yonge Street.

Julie Madly Deeply opens with a cheerful medley of Andrews classics, spanning material from My Fair Lady, Poppins, The Boyfriend and The Sound of Music.

The talented Sarah-Louise Young seems to be the ultimate fan of Andrews, but she is not necessarily portraying her iconic hero, instead, paying tribute.

You will be hard pressed not to sing along with the tunes you know, and marvel over the telling of Andrews’ life as the show progresses. Divorce, nude scenes, paparazzi, medical mishaps and perfectionism: These are just some of the moments from a life that is as dramatic as many of her films and theatre productions.

The show is presented in a cabaret style with musical director, Michael Roulston at her side. Young even gets out into the audience to speak with other adoring Julie Andrews fans.

Part 2 of Mirvish’s Best of Edinburgh Fest at the Panasonic Theatre is titled The Boy With Tape on his Face.

Sam Wills is a circus and street performer without a lot to say, you know, cause he has tape on his face.

The New Zealander has been performing this not too chatty show for the last 6 years to rave reviews.

The two things you need to know?

1)    This is a very funny entertaining show. Don’t be thinking its some arty mime thing.

2)    There is a good chance you will be asked to help make the show happen. With a healthy tickle trunk full of props, gags and plenty of music being used on the speakers, the audience becomes a big part of this show. Don’t be timid, it’s fun.

The Boy with Tape on His Face is Blue Man Group meets Mr. Bean. An incredible night of comedy and music that gets the whole crowd involved. A must see.
It’s a great night out, and great double bill, and all the way from Scotland.

Julie Madly Deeply and the Boy With Tape on His Face run through October 19th at the Panasonic Theatre. Check for tickets.

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