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Apple's September Launch Event

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 14:41

First, let's go back in time...

It was only 7 year ago when Steve Jobs had early adopters and tech savvy folks in a froth with this revolutionary gadget called the iPhone.

Now we’re looking at the 6th generation of the phone and this one is a biggie. There hasn’t been a lot of changes to the iPhone since Jobs died 3 years ago. But this announcement could change all that and it has to, because the android competitors have stepped up their game during the Apple lag.

There has been a ton of speculation and buzz around the iPhone 6 – the new phone will be unveiled in California on September 9, at 1PM. Rumour has it U2 will be there...

Senior Arts Editor Garvia Bailey spoke to  the Globe and Mail’s tech and culture writer Ivor Tossell about the reason for the buzz

Cool right... or terrifying depending on how you are with your money.

Ivor also pointed out that other phone companies have that NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, but apple is seen as the innovator…people tend not to adopt this sort of major bit of tech until apple releases it, so these other companies will wait until apple jumps on before they push the technology themselves. It’s the way it has always worked.

Apple is also contending with all sorts of security issues in connection with that alleged ICLOUD leak from just last week and there has been some damage control. Garvia asked Ivor about how that leak will effect the public’s perception of Apple

He pointed out that these breaches in security have not slowed down our use of services like facebook, yahoo, sony…all companies that have dealt with security breaches and we still come back for more

But are we all suckers?

The fact is this is technology that has seeped into our everyday as Ivor says, it’s part of how we do things now…from small things like using a phone to big things like our banking and controlling our home security… so these launches matter. Plus little extra’s make a difference like the bigger screen...
But we STILL haven’t hit on the BIG story…which goes beyond the phone..

So it’s not even so much about the iPhone itself it’s about the integration of technology into our lives – this Apple Watch tracks your health, and can act as a wallet… gone are the days of totally ignoring it… if Apple isn’t your thing chances are you still have a smart phone that will be apeing Apple technology very soon.

***UPDATE: Apple has indeed launched both a new version of the iPhone... well two actually... the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which feature a 4.7" and 5.5" screen respectively. The phone boasts a faster processor, better camera, higher resolution screen and more including the inclusion of their new Apple Pay technology which as discussed earlier will use NFC technology in an effort to eliminate your wallet.

The iWatch seems an impressive piece in its own right with a brand new control interface (the digital crown), force sensitive touch screen, a large array of sensors and new innovative ways to communicate.

The new phones will be available on September 19th while those looking to purchase the watch will have to wait until early 2015.

As an added bonus to the proceedings, U2 performed and announced the release of their new album Songs of Innocence by giving it away for free to iTunes customers in 119 countries.***

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