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The Artistry Of...

The Artistry Of highlights, reflects, and celebrates. It mixes and shares language from different artistic disciplines; a musician is a poet; a singer’s voice is described as colorful, and an artist stuns and blinds your senses with the brilliance of their creative energy and expression.

Listen for The Artistry Of - Wednesday evenings in the third hour of Dinner Jazz on JAZZ.FM91.

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The Artistry of ... Maria Schneider

She leads the band; a big band. It has her name on it and she has led the group to great acclaim and pioneering new directions.

The Artistry of ... Irvin Mayfield

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 00:00

Do you think you could love a whole bunch of things as passionately, madly and equally all at the same time? What about a whole bunch of stuff that’s part of the same thing? You can’t start any of all that loving without loving who you are and where you are from and are all about.

The Artistry of ... Kenny Garrett

Is post-bop like being in the moment? Is it this moment, like this one right now? 

The Artistry of ... Joey DeFrancesco

He makes it dance and play. Sometimes it’s a slow, moody, emotionally heavy, and swaying cool; then it’s all about the groovy and, trust me, you don’t have anywhere near enough move-able stuff to do justice to every funky beat, stab, jab, punch and hit.

The Artistry of ... Norah Jones

Thursday, 19 November 2015 16:23

She’s a mash-up of two of the world’s most dynamic cultural palettes and a richness of their arts, ‘musics’, histories, and spirits and proud narratives.

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