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The Artistry of... Tony Bennett

We understand volumes about Tony Bennett through his voice and his ‘I never sing a song that is badly written’ choices, but The Artistry of Anthony Bennedetto deserves a moment as well.  From the chalk drawings on pavement at 5 years of age to the formal training he received at the Manhattan School of Art and Design to the hardcore life experience that drips from brush to canvass.  Like music, art is something that he commits to on a daily basis.


A regular museum freak, he enters museums and galleries and art spaces all over the world to gaze and respect others that have come before him.  And like any dedicated painter, his work reflects his world around him.  Beautiful landscapes, hotel room views, city street corners and the musicians he’s beloved along the way.

He once said…  “Painting is everything to me. To have a view on Central Park and watch the four seasons and the great vastness of the sky - it changes every day.  Rembrandt said it: 'There's only one master - that's nature'.  It gives me unbelievable subjects to study and paint.”

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