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    The Artistry of ... Milt Jackson

    This week's artistry of ... Milt Jackson

    This quote comes from the New York Times article on the passing of Milt Jackson in 1999: All the best jazz musicians know how to take their time, and Mr. Jackson was no different...he created a new sound …by slowing down the motor on his Deagan Vibraharp's oscillator to a third of the speed of Lionel Hampton's; a result, when he chose to let a sustained note ring, was a rich, warm, smoky sound, with a vibrato that approximated his own singing…”  - This quality to Jackson’s sound made his artistry unique. The new generation vibraphone player Stephon Harris used these words to describe the sound…,  - ''It's a collection of metal and iron,… we don't have the ability to bend notes and make vocal inflections like a saxophone. But Milt played the instrument in the most organic way possible -- with a warm, rich sound. “   -  Milt was a master of making the metal sing. An artistry all his own.

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