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Music Memory - Eric Brock

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This week we hear from JAZZ.FM91's COO, Eric Brock.

My music memory comes from when I was living in Nice, studying French.

At 17, we were all very cool and hanging out on the beach and seeing all the beautiful sights made us even more so.

One afternoon, I remember we walked up back to the school after spending an afternoon down by the water, stopping by for a pizza from an old van with a real brick oven inside and sat down against an old Roman Amphitheatre to hang out and eat our snack. From behind the walls floated this incredible sound. Trumpet and band like I had never really heard before. They were amazing, and we all got into the groove quickly, and the talk seemed to stop as we listened along to the rhythm and riffs of the trumpet. Someone in our group recognized the song and said it couldn’t be – Miles Davis! It was. The Arènes de Cimiez performance was one of his last. As I sat there, hanging out with my friends, listening to this amazing performance I knew I was in love with the sound and cadence and have been a Jazz fan ever since.

I am a long way from 17, but, whenever I hear Miles on JAZZ.FM91 or from my home collection I am transported back to that time with friends, at the end of a great day in sun and surf, and tiredly walking up the hill to what was our home from the summer, and where I first learned how much I loved this music.

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