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First Listen: Jill Barber - Chansons

Every Friday, Brad Barker goes through the pile of CD’s on his desk and his hard drive to find a brand new song to play for you.  It’s called your “First Listen”

Inspired by her growing French speaking fan base, Jill Barber enrolled in a French immersion school in the south of France, delved into the beautiful playful world of French tunes recorded in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and dedicated time to recording her latest album Chansons.

With this latest collection, Barber is expressing a humble thank you to her Franchophone audience.  However she also feels as though it's an album for everyone.

In a recent article for the Edmonton Journal Barber says…  “Two tricks I've learned being an Anglophone:  One is to pretend that I am French and try to embody the French spirit, and that means not being afraid to speak a little bit more passionately.  The other thing is that the wine helps. I don't know what it is about wine, but it helps to free up that French tongue."

Jill Barber will be  here for a Live to Air on February 18th and your first listen from Chansons is the lead off track, Petite Fleur.  Jill barber on JAZZ.FM91.

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