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First Listen: Sienna Dahlen - Verglas

Every Friday, Brad Barker goes through the pile of CD’s on his desk and his hard drive to find a brand new song to play for you.  It’s called your “First Listen”

Today, we revisit an ambitious album that was released a couple of months ago, Sienna Dahlens’ Verglas.  Sienna has a show coming up at Musideum on the 11th of January and then she is off to France for a couple of weeks to do some touring and to play at MIDEM, the massive music conference that takes place from the 27th to the 29th of January.

Verglas draws inspiration from ice rain, the texture, the light, the reflections.  Dahlen grew up in a wintery world in northern British Columbia and although this album was recorded in the spring, there is this feeling of winter written inside of it. 

Dahlen says, “I’ve always loved bringing the worlds of jazz and folk music together as the simplicity of ‘songs’ paired with the spontaneous and somewhat abstract qualities of improvisation make for a perfect compositional balance.”

Your first listen for today is a track called “Stray”,  Sienna Dahlen, from Verglas. 

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