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First Listen The Program - February 6, 2016

First Listen – The Program is brought to you by Bay Bloor Radio, The Right Sound for the Right Price.

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Mark Kelso and the Jazz Exiles / Anti-Arktos  (No bears) / Stealing From My Youth

                        Tara Kannangara /  Fractured   / Some Version of the Truth                          

Rich Brown / Mahishmatish  / Abeng

Curtis Nowosad  /  Empirically Speaking  /   Dialectics

Emilie Claire Barlow /  On A Clear Day  / Clear Day

Robi Botos  / Euroleans  /  Movin Forward

Tara Davidson / The Good Earth   /  Duets

Alex Pangman  / Sweet Substitute /  New

Al Muirhead / It’s About Time  / It’s About Time

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