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Dispelling Myths About Jazz and Race

Where the Dark and the Light Folks Meet (The Scarecrow Press)

By Jacob Teichroew, Jazz Guide.

Randall Sandke, best known as a trumpeter who excels in traditional styles of jazz as well as his own metatonal harmonic approach, reexamines widely held beliefs about the roles that race has played throughout jazz history in his book Where the Dark and the Light Folks Meet (The Scarecrow Press).

Sandke argues that the typical views of racial conflict, cultural appropriation, and even disparate styles rooted in race are unfounded, having crept in through the work of jazz writers intent on pairing jazz with social agendas. As Sandke sees it, jazz formed as a result of a confluence of influences, and that love for and devotion to its craft is all anyone, regardless of race, needs to be able to play it.

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