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Take Five - Robi Botos

Ever wonder what songs are on your favourite artist's iPod? What their influences are?

Now you have the chance with our new feature Take Five.

This week's Take Five features Robi Botos.

At the age of 32, Robi Botos is already one of the world’s great pianists.  Since coming to Canada in 1998, Botos has quickly established himself as a star on the Toronto Jazz scene, winning awards and audiences alike.  Notable collaborations include ones with Pat Labarbera, Marcus Belgrave, Molly Johnson, Jason Marsalis, Peter Appleyard, Jackie Richardson, Dave Young, Dennis Coffey, Thielemans, Guido Basso, and Oscar Peterson. Robi’s thorough knowledge of the vast jazz piano tradition and keen sense of adventure is a light expected to guide jazz into the future.

Born into a musical family in Nyíregyháza, Hungary, the mainly self-taught Robi Botos began his musical career when he was just a child, growing up in Budapest, playing drums, and percussion with his father and two brothers. It was at age seven when Robi first took up piano, the instrument he has since mastered and with which he has made his mark.

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