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Kevin Drew & Ben Kowalewicz trade Arena Rock for the stage

Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore speaks with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew and Billy Talent's Ben Kowalewicz about the new Crow's Theatre production of "A&R Angels"

: Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew & Billy Talent's Ben Kowalewicz

WHAT: A&R Angels

WHERE: Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre - 345 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2T1

WHEN: Through December 9th



A&R Angels is a rock-fable by Kevin Drew, co-founder and de facto bandleader of Canada’s baroque-pop collective Broken Social Scene. A now prolific music creator in Canada and internationally – Drew has written the book and songs of A&R Angels and is also co-starring in the premiere with a talented ensemble, including punk rock band Billy Talent’s energetic and multi-talented front man Ben Kowalewicz.

Straddling our world and the afterlife, Loud Angel (Kevin Drew) and Soft Angel (Ben Kowalewicz) have been pulling people back from the brink with their music for decades. But times have changed. Their tunes just aren’t connecting like they used to, their numbers are down, and the universe is out of balance. Have they lost their touch? Or is something else going on? The A&R Angels have to write a hit or be eternally benched by the higher-ups: can they write that killer song that will give life to the living?

WARNING:  This production contains:  haze, strobe effects, gun shots, loud noises, strong language and mature subject matter.

Talkbacks after the show in the Lobby


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