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Hogtown’s immersive theatre experience returns

Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore speaks Costume Designer Jan Venus and Writer/Producer Drew Carnwath about the return of the immersive theatre experience, Hogtown.

WHO: Drew Carnwath & Jan Venus

WHAT: Hogtown: The Immersive Experience

WHERE: The Historic Campbell House Museum

WHEN: Thursday July 13th through Sunday August 20th  





Hogtown: The Immersive Experience

Don't miss your chance to see last summer's smash hit HOGTOWN: THE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE with new stories and new adventures! The show Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail and CBC called Must see! and received four stars (NNNN) from NOW Magazine.  Hogtown is an Immersive Theatrical Experience featuring over twenty performers, with new music and original choreography. It is unlike anything you have seen, heard or felt at the theatre until now.

Welcome to Campbell House, 1926. It's the night before a critical mayoral election that will determine the future of the city. Although prohibition is still in full effect that's not stopping tonight's host, union boss Bob Delacourt, from opening the doors to the hottest gin joint in the city, featuring the White Hot Jazz Band (hint: its in the basement).  Not exactly the place you'd expect to find the two front runners but tonight both incumbent Thomas Foster and his chief rival Councilman Sam McBride will make an appearance.

Foster is planning to broker a secret deal with Delacourt, since the union boss is the one with real power in this town. Problem is, Delacourt and his membership are currently backing McBride in the race. So tonight? Its time to play lets make a deal to become the next mayor of Toronto. Speaking of deals: rumour has it that kingpin Chicago rum-runner Franco Vitale is headed to Hogtown this very night to secure a bootlegging foothold on the city. But thats just the beginning

Young flappers Toni and Lulu are crashing the party with dreams of becoming showgirls. Moonshiners Tanner and Jackson Busch are peddling their home-grown whiskey, thirsty for a sale. Theyre going to have to get past the Temperance Ladies, staging a desperate protest in the dying days of Prohibition, and theyre not going down without a fight. Finally, Mayor Fosters daughter Maddy Foster sings in the White Hot Jazz Band  but tonight she's got a secret that requires the assistance of Canada's first female doctor, Libby Prowse. 

Add to the mix a house filled with power brokers and police, showgirls and gun molls, speakeasies and gambling dens and you have the world of our play. You choose the characters and storylines you wish to follow  and no two performances are ever alike! Everyones got something at stake, a heart to break, or a deal to make. Let the party begin!

The Hogtown Collective

THE HOGTOWN COLLECTIVE is an immersive theatre company, located in Toronto, Ontario. Our focus is to change the way audiences experience theatre.

Our journey began with HOGTOWN: THE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, an exciting immersive theatrical experience created by Drew Carnwath & Sam Rosenthal, performed at Toronto's Historic Campbell House Museum. Incorporating drama, music and dance, HOGTOWN created an immersive environment where the audience had the power to create their own adventure and discover the dark secrets of our city's past.
February 2017 saw the second Hogtown Collective production. DANCOCK'S DANCE was a re-imagination of Guy Vanderhaeghe’s groundbreaking play, with original music and dance. This immersive show transformed Toronto’s Historic Campbell House Museum into a mystifying asylum, where the audience was thrown into the world of the unexpected.

Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore is heard at 8:40 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays during the Jazz FM91 Arts Report. And don’t miss his arts and culture interview and entertainment magazine program, Arts Toronto, Sundays between 8-9 a.m.

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