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    April 1, 2017

    “The Boogaloo Lounge” Lou Pomanti
    “Bring Out The Jazz In Me” Personal Effects
    “Laughing In Rhythm” Silm Gaillard
    “New Latin” Alex Brown
    “Blue Bossa” Canadian Jazz Quartet
    “Out Of This World” John Alcorn
    “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” Avery Raquel (with David Clayton Thomas)
    “Dreaming” Avery Raquel
    “Forgiveness” Autobahn
    “Torch Rail River Company” So Long Seven
    “Give In” Judith Owen
    “Star Crossed Lovers” Gene DiNovi (with Dave Young)
    “Maple Leaf Rag” Robert Scott
    “Antelao” Franco D’Andrea
    “Edge Of The Maplewoods” Tony Quarrington (with Jane Siberry)
    “Nashville” Barbra Lica
    “Brasstronomical” Heavyweights Brass Band
    “Stuffy Turkey” Bill McBirnie (with Robi Botos)
    “Coronation Street” Colleen Allen (with Marc Jordan)
    “Prim Rose Samba” Genevieve Marentette
    “My Train” Blackburn
    “John Waters” Stepahnie Nilles
    “Fragrance of Change” Vito Rezza and 5 after 4
    “Isfahan” Mike Murley Trio

    Thank you to all of you who contributed during our Early Spring Campaign.

    You are the reason we are able to return to our award-winning programming.


    New York Festivals Awards

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