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It’s Friday and that means Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore shares his top picks for your arts and entertainment weekend ahead.


I was a little reluctant to screen the new documentary California Typewriter, given that all my peers here at the station giggled at the idea that I would sit down and watch a documentary on the history of the typewriter, but I am sure glad I did. In the film you spend time with a cast of very famous characters including Tom Hanks, John Mayer and the late Sam Shepard, all singing the praises of this mechanical relic for writers.

There are scenes devoted to a deconstructionist typewriter artist and even Toronto typewriter collector Martin Howard. The doc also closely follows a Bay area Typewriter retail and repair shop, titled, you guessed it, California Typewriter. Now before you cast judgment, know that all of the characters you will meet have some very thoughtful and poetic ideas about this aging technology. John Mayer’s argument that we are losing records of the creative process due to everything being on a hard drive is one of my favorite sections. Also, I like the idea that we think differently when writing on a typewriter; an equally romantic notion. See for yourself, California Typewriter screens at Hot Docs Cinema for the next week and a half. for screen times.


One of the most anticipated Netflix titles has returned


Stranger Things is the surprise hit sci-fi horror series that debuted last year. Its decidedly 1980s inspired, both in setting, and production values. The first season focused on a group of youngsters trying to solve the mystery of their missing best friend, a telepathic girl named Eleven, a terrifying monster called The Demogorgon, and the spooky alternate dimension known as The Upside Down.

In anticipation of the second season, here in Toronto culture vultures walked through a version of The Upside Down during Nuit Blanche a few weeks ago. Stranger Things 2, streaming on Netflix now.


The festival of Arabic Music and Arts begins Saturday. It’s the first of its kind in Ontario; an Annual Festival in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton that will feature Arab and non-Arab artists from here and abroad.



Iraqi guitarist, singer and composer Ilham Al-Madfai will join The Sultans of String Saturday night at Koerner Hall for a very special performance. And on Sunday at the Maja Prentice Theatre in Mississaugua, it’s Jazzy Arabia featuring the Canadian Arabic Orchestra with Andrew Downing (Cello), Majd Sekkar (Clarient) and Ernie Tollar (Saxophone). More info on all the Arabic Music and Arts Festival shows at


Music at The Rex this weekend as well. The Kite Trio is from Montreal. The fusion sounds heard on their new album Slightly Higher in Canada were produced by Dave King, from the equally idiosyncratic act, The Bad Plus.


It’s going to be a popular show Saturday night at The Rex. 7pm start time. Check out







This is the last weekend to see Salt-Water Moon on a Mirvish stage. Factory Theatre wowed critics and audiences with a re-imagined version of the play by Canadian playwright David French. Celebrated director Ravi Jain took the reins, and the results were magical. It took home the Dora Award for Best Direction. Mirvish took notice and the show has been at the Panasonic for the last couple of weeks.

The story follows two former lovers who meet up in Newfoundland after the First World War. They contemplate the choices they have made and their potential future together. Salt-Water Moon is lush and romantic and Canadian, and only on through this weekend.

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