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It’s Tuesday, and that means Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore shares his top picks for your arts and entertainment short week ahead.


The McMichael Canadian Art Collection goes National thanks to a new documentary out this week. The idea started when the Kleinburg institution commissioned 8 guitars to be built by 7 master guitar builders. Luthiers like Jean Larrivée and and Grit Laskin were called upon to craft something special, with the spirit of one of the members of the Group of Seven (and Tom Thomson) in mind. Once the guitars were finished, they were put on display at the McMichael, but also paired up with players like Bruce Cockburn and Jesse Cook. It was titled the Group of Seven Guitar Project.


Now, the entire process can be enjoyed on the big screen across Canada thanks to a new documentary about the process, and a collaboration between the McMichael and Cineplex. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, witness the film about the project on sixty Canadian screens, including Toronto. 


In Group of Seven related news, beginning Wednesday a new exhibition begins, focusing on the works of Group of Seven contemporary Tom Thomson. It’s been 100 years since Thomson passed away, a story shrouded in mystery. He disappearing near Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, and was found a week later. Algonquin Park was, of course, where Thomson was inspired by, and painted, so many of his world famous pieces. Over the last year, 11 painters from across Ontario have been retracing his steps in the park and have re-imagined the very same landscapes that inspired him. The result is Untamed Things, the new exhibit at the Arta Gallery which you can find in the charming Distillery District in downtown Toronto. The exhibit opens Wednesday and runs through the 19th. 

TIFF 2017

Single tickets for the Toronto International Film Festival went on sale Monday, and so it’s time to act if you haven’t already. Ensure you have seats to see a film or two or ten!!  The opening night film on Thursday stars Shia Lebouf in the biopic Borg/McEnroe

Also screening Thursday, and she’ll be here for it, Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. The doc on the new wave icon’s career premieres at the Elgin Theatre. And there has been lots of talk about the Cannes Film Festival darling from Russia, Loveless. It also debuts here in Toronto on Thursday at Lightbox. for details.


There are still a few weeks of official summer, so that means jazz festivals continue. The 3rd Annual Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival starts on Thursday and will take place at venues like The Rex, Mel Lastman Square & Memorial Hall. The event brings together young musicians with big time players like Christine Jensen, Mike Murley, Larnell Lewis, Mark Kelso and Hilario Duran. The festival features over 200 musicians with 5 stages. 

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Also this week, The World of Jazz Festival includes wonderful talent like Autorickshaw and The Larnell Lewis Group. There’s going to be a musical petting zoo, a Brampton food scene market, and a live art competition. Most of the event happens at Garden Square, but also at restaurants in Brampton. 

Check out for info.

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