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Vanita Butrsingkorn: aerial artist at Buskerfest

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 12:08

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, here is something you will definitely want to check out.

Starting tomorrow, Yonge Street will be buzzing with circus artists, puppeteers, mimes and all sorts of street performers for this year’s Toronto International Buskerfest.

Vanita Butrsingkorn of Hercinia Arts Collective is one of the aerialists taking part, with a street theatre production named the Flying Machine:

Vanita has been an aerialist for 15 years. Prior to that, she had never considered a career as a high-flying acrobat. She had been studying theatre and was planning to enter academia. When she decided to visit a circus school for a friend, her life suddenly changed:

Vanita had no prior experience as an aerialist, nor did she have a background as a gymnast or dancer, as most aerialists do. But she loved being up in the air, and the balance of artistry and creativity the acrobatics provided.

She enjoys being an aerialist so much that she withstood pain for months to perfect a move. She can now dangle upside down on a trapeze bar, using only her foot to keep her suspended:

br />You can catch Vanita and the Flying Machine at Toronto International Buskerfest. Dozens of other acts will also be there. From hoop dancers, clowns and mimes, to a fire-breather on a skateboard, there is plenty to check out.

The festival runs tomorrow until Sunday on Yonge Street, between College and Queen.

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