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    McCulloch Knows What It Is To Be A Young, Drunk Punk

    Wednesday, 21 January 2015 17:32

    Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore is here with an idea for your TV schedule, thanks to one of the members of Kids in the Hall.

    Many have tried, but none have raised their hands in victory. The Kids in the Hall remain Canada's greatest sketch comedy troupe. All 5 members went on to make movies, television, stage productions, books, and not to mention a regular touring schedule for the Kids themselves. Bruce McCulloch in particular put a special brand of humor into the CBC/HBO program, and he has continued recently with a book a stage show and now, a coming of age TV comedy called Young Drunk Punk. The show follows two odd ball punky teens about to graduate in 1980 Calgary, Alberta. Ian McKay and his best friend Shinky. McCulloch plays dad to Ian. Here's a moment from Young Drunk Punk.

    I caught the first episode of Young Drunk Punk last week, and it has elements of Napoleon Dynamite, Dazed and Confused, heck, even Kids in the Hall.

    The program premieres January 21st on CITY TV at 9. Bruce McCulloch joined me on Arts Toronto this week and talked about the conception of this 1980s set sitcom.

    I should note that the whole show is actually filmed in suburban sprawl where Bruce McCulloch actually grew up. Together, Ian and Shinky face cowboys, hockey goons and movie snobs, all while trying to grow up with the goal of not selling out.

    It’s funny, refreshing, Canadian and born from the mind of a sketch comic legend. Bruce McCulloch’s Young Drunk Punk premieres Wednesday January 21st on CITY TV. It's definitely worth a look.


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