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    Sextet at the Tarragon Mainspace

    Sextet is on now at the Tarragon Mainspace near Bathurst and Dupont, just south of the Castleloma area.

    The celebrated and award winning Morris Panych is the man behind the show and this is a world premiere here in Toronto.

    The play follows 6 musicians stuck in a dingy motel in a small town. They are stuck because there has been a big snow storm. No one is very pleased, but they will rehearse for their dubious concert  all the same. While preparing for rehearsal, the six characters are introduced in rapid succession.

    Richard Rose in the Artistic Director at Tarragon:

    Sextet features a fantastic group of actors: Damien Atkins, Matthew Edison, Laura Condlln, Rebecca Northan, Bruce Dow and Jordan Pettle. Seeing this cast at work will remind you how much acting talent is available to Torontonians at spaces like Tarragon. It’s an absolutely stellar combo.

    Sextet’s stage design is a line of dingy motel rooms, connected by an imaginary hallway at the back of the stage, and it works quite well with its repetition of beds as the main visual. 

    Richard Rose on the actors and the set:

    These are six sexually frustrated classical musicians stuck in a crap town in a crap motel, and the subject matter is ripe for laughs. You may find it a challenge to lock onto the pace and writing in Sextet. It’s frenetic off the top. You have to meet all the characters quickly, and Panych’s storytelling has the dialogue jumping around the stage. A spotlight hits each conversation as it happens, and interweaving bits of dialogue crash into other bits of dialogue, creating an overlaying narrative. It’s not rocket science, but it is tricky.

    The other point of interest in Sextet is the characters themselves. Well acted, well written, but not the most likable bunch I have ever seen on stage. They are flawed and frustrated, kind of like a real family. They may be awkward on their own, but bring them together, and it’s beautiful music.

    Sextet is definitely humorous, and the eventual musical reckoning is very satisfying after 90 minutes of emotional jogging. By the end, the cast and Panych had me convinced.

    Sextet continues at Tarragon Theatre's Mainspace, 30 Bridgman Avenue, through December 14th. www.tarragontheatre.com


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