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    The Regent Park Film Festival

    Wednesday, 19 November 2014 12:33

    Written by Mark Wigmore

    The Regent Park Film Festival is a free-of-charge multi-cultural community film festival. You get local, you get international works, but the focus is that these films would be interesting to people living in inner city communities, and big cities alike.

    Festival Director, Elana Trainoff is happy with the festival’s evolution.

    Regent Park is undergoing a big re-development right now, so this film fest is a nice way to bring that community together and enjoy some art.

    Next: Emerging Directors Spotlight, is the opening night program that takes place Wednesday November 19th, and of course it will spotlight young directors who are looking to show off their goods. 26 and under is the requirement and there is a nice $500 prize on the line for the winner. Here’s a moment from one of tonight’s opening night films, The Journey:

    This is a doc about Toronto artists in Regent Park reflecting on their changing community in downtown Toronto. It was based on a play that was staged last year.  Director Richard Fung.

    These short films will be screened Wednesday at the festival’s opening. The Daniel’s Spectrum is the location, that’s 585 Dundas East, and the show gets underway at 7:30pm. Check RegentParkFilmFestival.com for tickets and details for all the films screening, the fest runs through Saturday.


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