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    Andre Philibert Exhibition At The Liss Gallery

    The Liss Gallery in Yorkville is certainly well known for bringing in some incredible talent to show at that lovely location. Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac just had a show in the Gallery, and other great shows such as Bob Gruen and his photographs of John Lennon have passed through.

    Enter Andre Philibert. The Montrealer turned Eastern Townships painter has made a career out of turning the prism on the classic Quebec winter landscape, making the pastoral Christmas card ready images of that region into something just as beautiful, but much more contemporary.

    Philibert works with acrylic paint, giving his work a surrealistic quality. His primary colours are winter blacks and deep hues of blue that launch off the canvas with a modern confidence.  He uses bits of bright yellow to act as light coming through a window that offer a dazzling focal point. He also uses winter sports like hockey, skating and skiing to liven up the image.

    His new show at Liss Gallery opened on November 8th. The jolly francophone painter was on hand to greet the dozens of discerning art lovers who dropped by the comfy confines of the Liss space.

    Andre doesn’t work at dusk or dawn to capture his twilight landscapes, he doesn’t need to be in that setting to work, but he does remember the moment that he was first inspired in the dead of the Quebec winter.

    He spent some time as a graphic designer, and has enjoyed trips to Europe to gather inspiration, but his focus has remained getting this particular look, this particular series of paintings to act as his major body of work. Philibert uses acrylic to get the image he wants. Acrylic is a relatively new form of paint, and Andre spoke about working with it.

    He has been called the painter of the night, and his nocturnal winter landscapes are on display now at Liss Gallery, 140 Yorkville Ave. You can check www.lissgallery.com for a preview of the work. He plays with the classic winter image playing with light and geometry to put his stamp on. Head to Liss Gallery to see the work of Andre Philibert.


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