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Did you catch the Bowie exhibit last year at the AGO? ‘David Bowie Is’ is a wonderful exhibition that was created by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England. It did eventually make its way to Toronto and it’s currently down in Chicago. The show featured Bowie’s most memorable music videos and original costumes, never-before-seen handwritten lyrics, album cover artwork, set designs and diary entries, giving you insight into the evolution of Bowie’s ideas.

Well, Thursday November 6th may be your last last last chance to actually see this exhibit. Cineplex’s new In the Gallery series provides a cinematic tour of some of the top international art exhibits from around the globe, and Thursday there will be three screenings of “David Bowie Is: The documentary” here in Toronto. The first two are at Yonge and Dundas Cineplex at 5pm and 7:30pm and at Eglinton Town Centre at 7:30pm.

Here’s what you get with the film that you didn’t get with the exhibit. The doc features special guests, including legendary Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, Pulp front-man Jarvis Cocker, and the exhibition curators, Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh, who provide insight into each section of the exhibit. There is also archival footage of Bowie discussing his song writing.

The documentary was filmed on the closing night of the V&A exhibition in London and directed by Hamish Hamilton.

Curator Victoria Broackes on the meaning of the title: “David Bowie Is”

I caught this doc a few weeks ago, and I was just thrilled with how they put it together. A lot of stop motion photography to capture how it would feel to be at the exhibit, obviously I loved the insight from Kansai Yamamoto who helped to create the costumes that accompanied the Ziggy Stardust tour. But really I was taken with Bowie’s confidence and edacity as someone who wanted to be famous. It’s clear as day once you put all the pieces together. He was also one of the first artists to really reinvent himself almost every record, and what fun to see how he did it.

Curator Geoffrey Marsh

Once again, “David Bowie Is” screens Thursday at Yonge and Dundas Cineplex (5 and 7:30) and Eglinton Town Centre (7:30)


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