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    The Second City - Rebel Without a Cosmos

    The Second City Toronto is a laugh factory that has been featuring great sketch and improv comedy for over 40 years. The latest Mainstage Revue is on now and is winning over audiences nightly. “Rebel Without A Cosmos” is the fall production and a comedy lovers perfect night out.

    The current troupe has been together for several productions now, and they are darn good. The show covers a glut of modern topics: Social media, there’s a hilarious sketch about yoga relationships that turns into a song, and as of early last week there were sketches about the mayoral race and one that included an appearance of Jian Ghomeshi. This was before all the awful news.

    We have all heard the term “Too Soon” when it comes to comedy. Cast members Sarah Hillier and Etan Muskat dropped by the Jazz FM studios last week and I asked them about how they handled the Ghomeshi factor:

    So how do you go about writing a comedy sketch show about current events in Toronto and around the world without offending everyone? We are in dark times, so the cast, writers and directors of Second City have their hands full.

    The latest Mainstage Revue is on now and is titled “Rebel Without A Cosmos”. I laughed start to finish. Such great talent, and by all indicators, this will be the last time to see this group together on the Second City Toronto stage. Don’t miss it!


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