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Morrice & Lyman in the Company of Matisse

The McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg, Ontario will open a new exhibit titled “Morrice and Lyman in the Company of Matisse” on October 10th. This is a lush and colourful presentation that will look at two pioneers of Canadian modern art, and the wonderful settings they worked in. Get ready to venture to Quebec, Paris, Venice, Tangiers, and even the Caribbean – all with a turn of the century and 1920s aesthetic.

Matisse of course is one of the great French painters to both paid tribute to classic styles, but also ushered in a new era of modern art alongside Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp.

James W. Morrice and John Lyman are both Quebec painters, but of different generations. Both lived in Paris and had specific relationships with the master, Matisse.
Excutive director and CEO of the McMichael Gallery, Victoria Dickenson dropped by the Jazz FM studios to chat about the relationship.

“So Morrice and Matisse were actually friends. Morrice was a well know painter in France, he was born in Quebec. He went to France in the early 1900s, became a friend of Matisse and they became painting companions. So they travelled together and went to North Africa, and painted together.”

“Lyman’s the younger generation, and he is again from Quebec, but he goes to Paris to study at the Ecole Matisse, the school that Matisse founds in Paris, and has huge admiration for the older artists, the two of them.”

This is really a project that is meant to give a greater context to how great Canadian artists fit into the world landscape. Not everybody was painting totem poles and Algonquin park.
If you are fan of Matisse, you are probably wondering if Morrice or Lyman share any of his artistic visions?

“Matisse was considered the great modern master. It’s interesting that Morrice was considered one of the great painters of early 20th century France, he was well exhibited. He certainly was influenced by Matisse, but I would also like to say that he also influenced Matisse. Matisse thought very highly of Morrice’s work,” explains Dickenson.

This is a dialogue on canvas, and through January 4th at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg Ontario, you can experience the artistic conversation between three great names in Modern art. Morrice and Lyman in the Company of Matisse opens October 10th. Check for event details.

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