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Musical Talent is in the Genes

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 16:45

The nature vs. nurture question when it comes to musical ability or even artistic ability has been batted around since man figured out that banging two things together could create a pleasing sound.

As they dance around that fire, there were probably individuals who thought, “Why can’t I banged those rocks together as well as that guy?”


Some people are just born to bang those sticks together.

Miriam Mosey, is a neuroscientist form Sweden. She has just released a report that explores the role genetics play in musical ability.

The Report appears in the Journal of Psychological Science it was published on July 30.

The researcher compared pairs of identical twins and found out that no matter how hard one twin practiced the other twin who practiced much less ended up with an equal level of ability when it came to certain musical skills. Thousands of twins were tested and the results were consistent.

They concluded that talent is built into the genes.  Take a look at a synopsis from the folks at Live Science and let us know what you think and email us at:

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