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The Artistry Of... Cecile McClorin Salvant

If you can take a tune heard a thousand times and give it new life every time you play it. Give it something from you that turns it into ‘the way you do it’. Re-awakens its soul and then defines it as now all other times start from this new ‘here’ then you are all about artistry in music.

You are impressive without question without a lengthy prologue or discussion & You are Cecile McClorin Salvant. You make me think and say I know I have heard this before but never ever like this. It was like the color was brighter or the image sharper. It felt new but it was wonderfully as old as it is but with all kinds of newness to it. Artistry. In the moment and the moments I loved it so much I cannot stop going on and on about it…A very weighty richness.

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