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The Artistry of ... Roy Hargrove

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00

A recent Observer article calls Hargrove a happy warrior because he has managed to find a place where music can expressively be enjoyable to people but still not belie his frustrations with the respect for the roots and foundations of the art form.

Hargrove has expressed dismay at people not being as interested in jazz music and he faulted musicians who made it inaccessible by adding layers of creative mystery. This is changing. More artists successful and openly blur the lines between popular genres and jazz In Roy’s own words, “What do we have to offer in the world of jazz today?

It’s about being innovative, which is cool. But innovation right now will come in music that’s swinging and feels good. It’s meaningless if it doesn’t make you feel something.” The artistry of Hargrove is making you feel something.

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