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    Notes - May 13, 2015

    Photo: (L to R) Mark Donaldson, Chris Churchill and Brad Barker pontificating on all things wine and music

    Once a month, Chris Churchill, Mark Donaldson and Brad Barker educate and entertain us as they talk about what is happening in the world of fine wine and music. And of course, they drink while they entertain. On this episode, Chris, Mark and Brad talk about La Merika Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, San Leonino Governo All’Uso Toscano 2013, Château Tour Saint-Vincent 2010 and Waimea Estate Pinot Gris 2014

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    Grilled Asparagus with Prosciutto and Blue Cheese
    This dish is best served at room temperature as an appetizer or passed around as hors-d'œuvre.

    Ingredients :

    - 1 bunch of fresh Ontario asparagus (about 24 shoots)
    - 42 tsp olive oil
    - Salt and pepper
    - 3 Tbsp blue cheese
    - 1 Tbsp mayonnaise
    - 24 slices of Prosciutto


    Rinse asparagus thoroughly in cold water. Cut 2-3 cm off the stem and discard the small bits. With a vegetable peeler, lightly peel the bottom half of each shoot. Pat the asparagus dry with a tea towel.

    Meanwhile, heat a gas grill to medium.

    Place the asparagus diagonale on the grill dry and gently roast the shoots moving them often so they don’t burn. After 2-3 minutes, brush the shoots with olive oil, rolling the asparagus on the grill until they are just cooked through. Remove and cool asparagus on a board or plate and season lightly with salt and pepper.

    Mix blue cheese and mayonnaise together using the tines of a fork to break down the mixture into a fine paste.

    Spread a small amount of the cheese paste along the length of the Prosciutto. Place the asparagus on top at a slight angle and roll the shoot so that ¾ of the bottom are covered with Prosciutto (it should make a ‘handle’).

    Serve with Pinot Gris(gio), Sauvignon Blanc, Rueda or any other zippy un-oaked white or rosé.

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