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    First Listen: Sultans of String - Emerald Swing

    Every Friday, Brad Barker goes through the pile of CD’s on his desk and his hard drive to find a brand new song to play for you.  It’s called your “First Listen”

    Our First Listen is from an album that has just been released from Juno nominee’s Sultans of String.

    This collection of tunes is called Symphony and its their most ambitious to date.  Recorded with a 50 piece symphony orchestra, this Canadian gypsy jazz lovin', world beat- folk ensemble brings it all to the table.  As leader Chris McKhool  says in a recent interview with the News Gazette…  "We love playing real music, everything that comes to North America through musical immigration," "Certainly there are other bands that play those styles, but we're a band that kind of plays with all one voice, in one band."

    They’re all about connecting with their audience. 

    You can connect with the Sultans and their new release Symphony when they hold their biggest show to date at Koerner Hall on Sunday December 1st.  They’ll be playing showcasing these tunes with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra.   

    It’s the new Sultans of String, we’ve chosen Emerald Swing as your First Listen.


    Thank you to all of you who contributed during our Early Spring Campaign.

    You are the reason we are able to return to our award-winning programming.


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