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First Listen: Dave Restivo/Reg Schwager - Morning People

Every Friday, Brad Barker goes through the pile of CD’s on his desk and his hard drive to find a brand new song to play for you. It’s called your “First Listen.”

Recorded in December of last year at number 9 studios, Arctic Passage brings Reg Schwager and Dave Restivo together for an exploration  of guitar and piano.  As Reg writes in the liner notes, “When I first started attending jazz workshops, the rule was strict and unbending, the guitar and piano don’t play together.  They take turns.

Well after listening to duo’s like Herb Ellis and Oscar Peterson… Jim Hall and Bill Evans, it became clear that that unwritten rule, doesn’t necessarily have to hold one back from making beautiful music. 

On Arctic Passage, you’ll hear some new songs of Reg’s and some familiar standards or as he calls them, comfort food!  The track we’ve chosen for you is Morning People

Your First Listen from Reg Schwager and Dave Restivo on jazzfm91.


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