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First Listen: The Jazz Professors - Do That Again

Every Friday, Brad Barker goes through the pile of CD’s on his desk and his hard drive to find a brand new song to play for you.  It’s called your “First Listen”

Your First Listen for this Friday belongs to an album that comes to us from the University of Central Florida  Faculty of Music, it’s the Jazz Professors, literally, with their second release called Do That Again.

Having performed, recorded and toured with a list of greats from the jazz world, The Jazz Professors are comprised of six UCF faculty members including  Jeff Rupert and Marty Morell, a former member of the Bill Evans Trio.

This sextet combines  a collection of standards and originals with strength and confidence and has been climbing high in the US jazz charts for the last week or two.  The track we’re going to pay attention to is Jeff Ruperts tribute to Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom, entitled “(The Home of)  Happy Feet.

It’s the Jazz Professors. Your first listen from jazzfm91…

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