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    Image Toronto, Ontario (January 11, 2011) – JAZZ.FM91’s Mobile App hits 250,000 downloads.

    The application, available free of charge from the iTunes Store, offers jazz fans worldwide the ability to stream content live from Canada’s Premier Jazz station on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The JAZZ.FM91 Mobile App’s features include a Jazz Calendar, Jazz Festival Guide Listing, Music News, direct Twitter access, a unique Tell a Friend feature, Program Schedule guide, a Blog feature, and Podcast streaming.

    JAZZ.FM91 is having an incredible response from listeners across the globe. Japan, Canada, Korea, USA, France, UK and a host of other countries worldwide have downloaded the JAZZ.FM91 Mobile App. Downloads continue to grow weekly.

    Tristano School, Back in Session

    Tristano School, Back in Session The New York Times writes,

    HAD he enjoyed a different sort of jazz career, you might say that Ted Brown was finally making a comeback. A tenor saxophonist drawn to a light and lyrically swinging style, Mr. Brown turned 83 last month, with just a handful of albums to his name. For the better part of 30 years, from the early 1960s on, he made his living as a computer programmer. “I’m not good at going out and getting gigs,” he said recently, sounding resigned and matter of fact. By his account his last booking in New York as a bandleader was in 1976 at the short-lived Midtown branch of George Wein’s Storyville club.

    He had the world on a string

    He had the world on a stringBy ROSS PORTER

    Frank Sinatra was a great singer (duh), but he was also insecure about his looks, thuggish and a misogynist.

    The Voice
    By James Kaplan
    Doubleday, 786 pages, $40

    For biographers, Frank Sinatra's life has been a literary bonanza. He was, simply stated, a very complicated man. A musical tsunami who sang with such unprecedented beauty, taste and ease that he helped to create a genre called the Great American Songbook. In complete contrast to his musical beauty, Sinatra behaved like a thug, kept mobsters as friends and was a misogynist.

    Quincy Jones' long and restless song

    Quincy Jones' long and restless songthe latimes.com writes,

    It had been a long night — a concert, a reunion with an old friend, a midnight meal — but as the clock ticked past 2 a.m. Quincy Jones sat in a rare state of silence in his estate at the very top of Bel-Air. The man they call Q nodded at the cellphone sitting on the kitchen counter.

    "I've deleted 188 names this year — all the people who died, all these friends of mine," Jones said. "That's what happens when you're 77, man. That's life, man. You start out playing in bands and doing duets and then you worry that in the end it's all going to be a solo."

    Death of Jazz Club Underscores a Changing Scene

    Death of Jazz Club Underscores a Changing Scenenytimes.com writes,

    As another holiday season under a stagnating economy draws to a close, it is hardly surprising that San Francisco would lose that rarely profitable of ventures, a jazz room.

    But Coda, a bar, restaurant and club in the Mission District, did not seem like it was going under. In just a year and a half, it had established itself as one of the most interesting jazz-based schedules in the Bay Area. Acts like the Jazz Mafia tapped into a vibrant younger music scene, and salsa Sunday bookings and Latin jazz nights sold out. Stevie Wonder dropped by for a set; Liz Phair covered Velvet Underground songs.

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