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Short Film Looks at Coltrane and Davis' Relationship

A new short film, released by Visionary Cinema, takes a close look at the relationship between Miles Davis and John Coltrane as they created some of the most iconic jazz in history.

Mostly  set in April of 1959, “Trane and Miles” centres around the creation of the best-selling jazz album of all time, Kind Of Blue. The story is recounted by a 65-year-old Davis looking back fondly on the production of the album.

According to a press release from director Scott Essman, viewers will "Witness John Coltrane and Miles Davis creating their most popular work in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, the birth of Rock ‘N’ Roll, and the popularity of television."

The film features a new score from musician, composer and engineer James Linahon in collaboration with the North Atlantic Jazz Alliance.
For more information about the film or to purchase a DVD, CLICK HERE.

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