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Heather Bambrick is a hit at Junior Jazz Jam!

The Junior Jazz Jam series continued on Saturday morning with Heather Bambrick and her trio at the Paintbox Bistro. The room was jammed with excited kids and their families. It was standing-room-only!

Heather is a natural performer with a wonderful voice and a warm personality that draws people in immediately. Beginning the workshop with “Straighten Up and Fly Right,” Heather and her trio quickly had the large audience snapping and clapping along. Pianist Mark Kieswetter, bassist Ross MacIntyre and trumpeter Chase Sanborn each contributed to the proceedings in interesting ways. She then asked the audience for a list of their favourite five animals and their corresponding signature sounds, which had children (and parents!) making animal sounds at great volume! The following version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” that followed incorporated raucous audience participation.

Next, Heather called two young volunteers onto the stage and asked them for ideas for a song they would make up on the spot. Using their suggestions, Heather and her guests sang a blues about getting dressed, watching TV, and going to the Paintbox Bistro! Heather then introduced the members of her trio, asked the audience to name the instruments they were playing, and had each of them demonstrate their instruments.

The next song, “Shake, Rattle, and Roll,” featured more on stage volunteers acting out the words in this classic song. Heather then called on another volunteer. A very young girl crawled into Heather’s lap while Heather asked he some questions about a story she wanted to tell. Heather took the basic elements of the story and weaved them together into a thoughtful narrative that had all of the kids enthralled. Heather and the group finished up with an upbeat rendition of “Rhythm in My Nursery Rhyme.”

We have posted additional photos from the event on our Facebook page HERE.

Our next event features an instrument-making workshop and performance featuring Richard Marsella from the Regent Park School of Music. The event takes place on Saturday, December 14th. Due to the popularity of these events, we suggest that you call to make a reservation in advance.

Thank you to the Daniels Corporation for sponsoring the Junior Jazz Jam series. And thank you to the Paintbox Bistro for hosting these important education events!

For more information about the series, please contact Community Engagement and Education Manager Mark Micklethwaite at or 416-595-0404 ext. 229.


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