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    Brush With Greatness - Jaymz Bee

    First there was My Three Would Be, then Brad’s First Listen and Heather Bambrick's Music Memory! Now, Monday's on Midday Jazz with Terry McElligott, there's “Brush with Greatness”.  An oppourtunity to share a short story of a politician, musician, prominent writer, JAZZ.FM91 host or listener on meeting their musical hero.

    This week's story comes from host of Jazz in the City and Safari Bwana, our own Jaymz Bee!

    "I’ll never forget the first time Tony Bennett used my name. I had met him twice before. This time, third time’s a charm: backstage, The George Weston Recital Hall after his concert and I had my girlfriend of two years on my arm. I wasn’t working for JAZZ.FM91 at the time and had no backstage pass, but I knew the staff and they were accustomed to me wandering around so I easily slipped backstage with her. The show had just ended and a few other people were gathering around…Ed Mirvish, Gino Empry and other loveable local eccentrics were all waiting to congratulate him on a stellar performance.  Tony was all smiles as he entered and worked his way around the small room shaking hands and saying hello to his many old friends. When he got to me he simply asked “it’s Jaymz Bee, right? How you doing?” I tried to keep my cool, like I expected him to remember me – but truth be told I’d only interviewed him once half a year before for a few minutes and never thought he’d recognize my face, let alone remember my name.

    And now the punch line ...The fact that I didn’t know how he could remember me seems a little silly when you consider my hair style, and my extremely good-looking girlfriend! Boom!"

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