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Neil Young to Release Audio Format Pono

Neil Young's war against the mp3 continues as he has announced that Pono, a high quality audio format that he helped develop, will be rolling out next year.

Portable players, a download service and digital-to-analog conversion technology will be out starting 2013 and the technology has already caught the interest of the three major record companies.

Pono's aim is to give listeners the ability to hear music as it was originally recorded without the compression and sound loss generally attributed to mp3's and other audio formats currently on the market.

The trend towards higher audio quality has been on the upswing with Apple releasing their "Mastered for iTunes" program. However Apple's initiative still uses their proprietary AAC format which still will not compare to the quality that Young and Pono promise to deliver.

Young writes about Pono in his new memoir Waging Heavy Peace, saying that it will bring together the record companies and cloud storage, and "save the sound of music."

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