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The Scarborough Jazz and World Be at Festival (SJWBF) has announced th at the inaugural Festival will take place at Albert Campbell Square, Scarborough Civic Centre and other venues from July 8 to July 10, 2011.

With this new event, Scarborough will finally have its own Festival, allowing its eclectic multicultural popul ation of over 593,297 to enjoy and showcase local talent and celebr ate its unique heritage. A 21 st Century explosion of Jazz & World Be at fusion music will prevail.

Cre ated by Executive Director, Trevor David, a lifelong Scarborough resident and cultural promoter, Mr. David says “the Festival’s goals are to improve access to quality arts, culture and economic development opportunities for citizens of Scarborough, with a special focus on developing local youth artists”.

Artistic Director for the Festival is Mr. Archie Alleyne, renowned Canadian Jazz Icon and Gemini Award nominee. Mr. Alleyne will lay the overall musical found ation for the Festival, while the World Be at component will be assembled by Mr. Henry Wallace, Director and world be at cultural artist.

The Festival will be sponsored by major corpor ations loc ated in Scarborough and the GTA, with support from other major suppliers and media partners. The Festival will offer unique and innovative marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Top artists and groups sl ated to appear include Archie Alleyne’s Kollage and EOJ Ensemble, African Guitar Summit, Kiki Misumi/Reg Schwager, Chris Rouse Trio, Swing Shift Big Band and Luwan Thomas with many more to come.

Admission will be free at the main venue.

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