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    Are you a lucky winner?

    JAZZ.FM91During our Fall Fundraising Campaign, we gave away hundreds of prizes. Are you a lucky winner? If so, congratulations! Check out the full list of winners below. You will receive a call and/or email from the fundraising office letting you know how to claim your prize.

    And, thanks again for your support during the Renewal Blitz and Fall Fundraising Campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you!

    Large prize winners:
    Cindy Bradley of Toronto – Portugal trip courtesy of Europa Travel and Tours.
    Bob Thompson of Niagara on the Lake – Havana Trip courtesy of Sunwing Vacations
    Allen Derr of Newmarket – Mexico Trip courtesy of Sunwing Vacations
    Julia Wichert of Mt. Albert – Macbook Air
    David Green of Toronto – Macbook Air
    Strasman Architects of Toronto – Macbook Air
    Jim Scarrow of Toronto – Macbook Air
    Ian Gemmel of Toronto – Ice Hotel and Organic Mattress from Anami Luxury Organics
    Mary Williams of Aurora, New York – iPad
    Noel Marcial of Brampton – iPad
    Arthur Reinstein of Toronto – iPad
    Mitch Tessis of Toronto – iPad
    Stephen Denington of Honey Harbour – iPad
    Brian Norland of Pickering – iPad
    Elizabeth Owens Jay of Mississauga – 46” TV
    Sean Sherzady of Toronto – 46” TV
    Gladys Lippai of Toronto – 46” TV

    Prize pack winners:
    Adrienne Waterman
    Archie and Avril Whyte
    Ari Firestone
    Arthur Reinstein
    Barb Hurst
    Camden Tiura
    Car Mason
    Curtis Smith
    Dalton Albrecht
    Dan Lyon
    Dan Moyer
    Dave Djouty
    David Schwartzbein
    Diane Buckley
    Donald Davis
    Doug Bush
    Elaine Ruddock
    Eric Taylor
    Ernie Haynes
    Florence Israel
    Gale Gingrich
    Gerine DeJong
    Gordon Brock
    Grant Jahnke
    Helene St. Jacques
    Henery Labatte
    Hilary Callin
    Ian Gemmell
    Jack Cook
    Jean McNeil
    Joan Hennessey
    Joe Jendresky
    Joe Wright
    Joel Birnbaum
    John and Nancy Drynan
    Joseph Rosenthal
    Joslyn Arquhart
    Karl Pioch
    Kathleen Potter
    Lee Lang
    Les Allt
    Madeleine Hague
    Maria Barren
    Mark and Erica Tait
    Mark Annett
    Mark Chipman
    Mark Siltman
    Martin and Vera Young
    Mary Lou Rachid
    Michael Fong
    Mickey Mehal
    Miguel Reyer
    Mira Sutnik
    Norman Opperman
    Norman Wilson
    Oksana Struck
    Patricia Hughes
    Patricia Williams
    Peggy Wallace
    Peter Goring
    Peter Schmidt
    Peterson Chan
    Rick Brookes
    Robert Nero
    Robert Sparks
    Ronald Wysocki
    Roy Crompton
    Ruth Rutherford
    Samuel Benjamin
    Sandi Roy
    Scott Petrie
    Shawn Crabtree
    Shehan Jinpriya
    Simon Jackson
    Strasman Achitects
    Sue Lynn Campbell
    Tamara Duch
    Tammy Hennessy
    Thomas Ciano
    Tina Nodwell

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