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    Stick Men to release limited edition box set

    Monday, 16 January 2017 15:07

    Written by JAZZ.FM91 staff

    Progressive rock band Stick Men are offering fans a limited edition box set.

    The trio includes King Crimson's bassist Tony Levin and drummer Pat Mastelotto, along with guitarist Markus Reuter.

    The box set, Prog Noir, features:

    • 2LP 180 grams gatefold (the LP has a bonus tracks on the Side B of the second LP, which is not included in the regular CD package)
    • 2CD special edition of the new album, digipack. (Disk One is the regular 10 track album. Disk Two contains 8 bonus tracks.)
    • Full color poster of the album artwork (17x22 inches)

    The box set can be ordered from Amazon. Click here to order.

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