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Brush With Greatness - Dustin

Dustin, who tunes in online from Fort McMurray, Alberta, sent this story. It is about both dedication and generosity:

When I was starting out in the Eastdale school band in Welland, Ontario I knew I wanted to attend university for music. I knew I would be a musician for the rest of my life. I could not afford to take lessons. I stayed an extra year, sitting every day after school for hours, learning university audition material with the help of the music teacher there, Barbara Brown.

When it became clear that I would have to travel to these universities and could afford neither car nor transportation, Barb took days off of work and time out of her busy schedule to drive me to auditions. As my final school year was drawing to a close I was extremely stressed: I would not have a trumpet of my own. I tried saving every penny.

One morning, Ms. Brown told me the school board bought me my very own trumpet. I took that horn to every audition. I played it through college and, later, university. I never forgot the generosity of Ms. Brown and her colleagues and now that I have the opportunity to help students I jumped at the chance *.

Thanks to Ms. Brown, not only have I been dedicated to music and trumpeting my entire life, I have tried to help those in need any way I can. I was once in their shoes. She is retired now and because of my busy music schedule I was unable to attend her retirement party

I imagine I would say something a lot like this to honour her.

*Dustin has carefully packed and sent his old trumpet to us for the JAZZ.FM91 Holiday Instrument Drive.

We will donate it on his behalf to this year’s school: Gulfstream Public School in North York. The school motto is “Learning for all, whatever it takes.”


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