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    JazzWax List: 7 Jazz Days


    Everyday you can't have the blues. Sometimes you need something else, something a little lighter or swinging to brighten up the day. Get out your e-calendars: Here are seven jazz songs named for the different days of the week, the artists who recorded them and the albums on which they can be found:

    • Monday—Manny Albam, Steve's Songs
    • Tuesday—Greg Marvin, Greg Marvin Quartet
    • Wednesday—Paul Motian, Time and Time Again
    • Thursday—Count Basie, Complete Decca Recordings
    • Friday the 13th—Thelonious Monk, Quintet.
    • Saturday—Mose Allison, Back Country Suite
    • Sunday—Lester Young, Aladdin Sessions

    Written by Marc Myers, copyright © by JazzWax (Marc Myers LLC www.jazzwax.com)

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