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    JazzWax List: Lou's Organists

    JazzWax List: Lou's OrganistsLou Donaldson was one of the first alto saxophonists to Lou Donaldson Torso Shot perform and record consistently with a Hammond B3 behind him. He used the sound extensively on the road in the '50s while touring across the country and developed a new jazz-funk approach in the '60s. Here's a list of the groovy organists who have recorded with him over the years. Dates signify their first recording session:

    • Jimmy Smith (1957)
    • Baby Face Willette (1961)
    • Brother Jack McDuff (1961)
    • Big John Patton (1962)
    • Lou-donaldson-here-tis-1961

      Lloyd Mayers (1964)
    • Billy Gardner (1965)
    • Dr. Lonnie Smith (1967)
    • Charles Earland (1968)
    • Leon Spencer Jr. (1970)
    • Paul Griffin (1973)
    • David Braham (1992)
    • Sonny Phillips (1993)

      Written by Marc Myers, copyright © by JazzWax (Marc Myers LLC www.jazzwax.com)

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