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    Jaco Pastorius, Jazz’s last great innovator

    Written by Jeff Levenson

    Monday, 28 September 2015 11:30

    A favorite parlor game among jazz journalists involves debating the question, Who was the last great innovator on his or her instrument?

    EARS BREMEN, BUCHAREST and (coming up soon) REYKJAVIK

    This year’s edition of jazzahead in Bremen, Germany, was a 10th anniversary, a not insignificant milestone for the world’s  premier gathering of industry types dedicated to advancing the art and commerce of jazz. During the 3-day conference, musicians, agents, promoters, presenters, media and labels - organized by territories - offered an overview of what the jazz business looks like from a global perspective. The effect is a reminder that there's growth and evolution in art, propelled by both technology and the spirit to create.

    EARS NEW YORK: Monterey Jazz Safari

    Written by Jeff Levenson

    Time travel is tough to arrange. Not to mention the challenge of getting air miles credited to your account. So many things to think about: How to pack? Where to eat? With all the hoopla surrounding the arrival of iPhone 6, I was sure Apple had this one covered.

    But, until technology steps up, excursions of this kind will remain the province of cunning illusionists or, as the Safari faithful of JAZZ.FM91 just discovered, savvy festival presenters holding passports for transformative travel.

    Case in point: This year's Monterey Jazz Festival.


    Written by Jeff Levenson


    When George Wein first conjured the idea of a jazz festival - the year was 1954, the place, Newport, Rhode Island - he created a template that six decades later continues to serve.

    Ears Germany: Jazzahead 2014

    Written by Jeff Levenson

    As music gatherings go, Bremen Germany's Jazzahead is proving itself the international conference for all things jazz. It is an annual confab that spotlights the music and mechanics of the industry, attracting artists, labels, programmers, agents and media; in total, it represents the guts and infrastructure of the genre.

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