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    Soul Rebels - Unlock Your Mind

    The Soul Rebels get right to the heart of New Orleans music, playing ferocious funk and second line grooves that will lift you out of your seat. They bring fresh elements to the mix – hip hop, go-go and reggae beats – along with some unexpected song selections, all layered on top of a hundred years of street-wise jazz tradition.


    Each member of this eight piece ensemble brings serious chops to the party. At the forefront of the city’s musical revitalization, the band brings a resurgent energy to Unlock Your Mind, filling it with the most exciting, head-spinning, body-pumping music to emerge from New Orleans in years.

    Track Listing:

    1. 504
    2. Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
    3. Turn It Up
    4. My Time
    5. Unlock Your Mind
    6. We Gon’ Take Your Body
    7. Night People
    8. I’m So Confused
    9. Showtime
    10. Say Na Hey
    11. I Made It
    12. Living For the City
    13. Let Your Mind Be Free

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