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Ruby - Eric St-Laurent Trio

The Eric St-Laurent Trio released their new record "Ruby" this week. The followup to their debut record "Epoch" from 2010, this new record promises to hit harder.

St-Laurent explains, "With this new album, we're refining the telepathic skills within the group. There's a lot more interplay between us - we are becoming a band that thinks as one, and you can hear it right away".

Ruby showcases the bands abilities and their wide ranging influences, combining elements such as bowed string bass, African and Latin percussion and even rock the band forges something unique.

"We aim to subvert our influences" says St-Laurent. "If we start with an African beat, we'll make sure to use a blues bass line, or something resolutely non-African, to mix things up, while always keeping the impact on the listener in mind: being weird is not the goal - creating new beauty is the goal".

The trio consists of guitarist Eric St-Laurent, percussionist Michael DeQuevedo and bassist Jordan O'Connor.

Eric was with Jaymz Bee recently to talk more about the record.

Have a listen!

(To purchase the record click here)

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