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    Five After Four - Rome In A Day


    Vito Rezza's band, Five After Four, has released 6 albums since they began. Peter Cardinali a long-time friend of Rezza's has been a member of the band for the last 3.

    The new record, "Rome in a Day" on Alma Records, marks a return to simplicity for the group, tightening the band up and not including any of the notable guest stars (Michael Brecker, Joey DeFrancesco, Guido Basso, etc...) that have featured on past records.

    Vito and Peter were live with JAZZ.FM91 host Brad Barker at the TD Jazz Festival June 30th to plug "Rome In A Day" and their show that night opening for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

    To record the album the band received some help from an unlikely source, Tragically Hip drummer Johnny Faye

    (For more info and to purchase the record click here)

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