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Interview - Rez Abbasi

The larger umbrella of jazz is pretty wide and covers a number of sub-genres including the blues, latin, and now, according to a growing audience, world music. When it comes to world music, there are countless styles, sounds and influences that all go into the creation of that particular category.

According to All About Jazz, Rez Abbasi has been said to be producing "so vivid a music that it can almost be tasted. He sounds like no one who has gone before him." Now, Torontonians will get a taste of his music as Rez Abbasi takes the stage at Hugh's Room on Saturday August 10th as part of JAZZ.FM91's World Music Festival, bringing us the sounds of India, Pakistan and a whole lot more.

Rez phoned in to "Wake Up!" with Heather Bambrick from his home in New York to talk about the show, his musical upbringing and more!


To find out more information about the upcoming World Music Festival CLICK HERE.

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