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Interview - David Buchbinder

Toronto’s cultural diversity has created an essence for this city, and has inspired a number of festivals, events, and celebrations.  It’s brought together various cultures, communities, and artists to not only explore their diversity, but also to nurture and further develop it.  It is within that culturally rich mosaic that David Buchbinder and Hilario Duran created “Odessa Havana”- a group that explores the musical connection between Jewish and Cuban music.

On Tuesday, August 6th, JAZZ.FM91, along with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection is presenting Odessa Havana, as they launch our World Music Festival, 8:30 pm at Hugh’s Room.  One of the group’s co-founders, David Buchbinder, joined Heather on Wednesday, July 31, to talk about the show and the connection between Jewish and Latin music.

To find out more information about the upcoming World Music Festival CLICK HERE.

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