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Interview - Eric St-Laurent

JAZZ.FM91 is presenting its first ever World Music Festival, happening August 6-10 at Hugh’s Room.  The festival will take audiences on a musical journey from Cuba to India, making stops along the way in South Africa, France, and – on Wednesday, August 7th – we’ll be enjoying the musical vibe of Venezuela.  That concert will feature the music of Venezuelan vocalist Eliana Cuevas, as well as that of guitarist Eric St-Laurent.

Eric has received awards here in Canada for his songwriting, and his trio has been named Best Band at the Vienne Jazz Festival in France.  His music is tinged with the flavours of various Latin styles, including those of Venezuela, and on Wednesday, July 24, Eric stopped by to talk about the upcoming show with Heather as well as about his musical process, the members of his trio and more!

To find out more information about the upcoming World Music Festival CLICK HERE.

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