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Interview - Nolan Bushnell

It's difficult to sum up Nolan Bushnell's achievements in a few sentences..... but innovation has been at the heart of all of the them.

Founding the Atari company in 1972 and leading the video game revolution are just the beginnings to story that has led Newsweek magazine to call Nolan "one of the 50 men that changed America"

Launching over 20 companies, including his most recent venture Brainrush, an educational software company, he has also recently authored an e-book called "Finding the Next Steve Jobs" that is out this month published by Net Minds

Nolan will be here in Toronto April 1st as part of our Thinkers Series and he took the time to call into "Afternoon Drive" from L.A. to chat with Brad about his career, the book and his new venture Brainrush.

Tickets to the Thinkers Series are still available! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

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